Guidelines for grant applications to the
Foundation for World Education

The Foundation for World Education invites grant applications from individuals, programs and groups who share the vision for a transformed world espoused by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.

Board procedure

All proposals must be presented to FWE through the auspices of a nonprofit organization and are subject to a vote by members of board.

Proposals must be received by the board four weeks in advance of a scheduled meeting. To obtain meeting dates, contact the secretary at the address below.

Please email your proposal to the secretary. If you are submitting a proposal for the first time, include a copy of your organization’s nonprofit tax exemption status.

Proposal format

Please use the following format for your proposal.

    • Summary/overview: Name of your project /program and brief explanation of what you plan to do?
    • Need/rationale and Project’s contribution:  What is the duration and extent of influence your project will have for Sri Aurobindo and the Mother’s vision of the integral yoga? How is your project related to other organizations or individuals currently engaged in the work of the integral yoga?
    • Program implementation and schedule: Explain how you will implement this project. Include a time line and statement of the future viability of this project. Is it self-sustaining after initial seed money from the FWE, or will there be future requests to support the program?
    • Personnel: Names and qualifications of groups and individuals directly responsible for project / program.
    • Current and future funding: List sources of income and/or other funding sources for your project.The FWE encourages applicants to inform us of other funding sources that assist in supporting your project.
    • Budget: Detail income and expenditure. Create a line item budget, including the following three separate categories: (1) Salary for Project Holders or, for Auroville applicants,  budget for Maintenance; (2) Cost of Materials; and (3) Fees for Professional Services. Other categories may be added as necessary. Please note: Except in very rare circumstances, FWE does not give grants towards project holder salary or for maintenance for individual Aurovilians.
  • Final and progress reports: Indicate method proposed to evaluate effectiveness of the project / program while in progress and written final report to be submitted within one year of completion of the grant or grant renewal. Indicate name of person who will prepare the final report.

Please use the guidelines format in writing your proposal.

Within one year of receiving the grant,

Guidelines for Grant Evaluation and Final Report

1.  State the original project title or purpose, the dates of the project duration, and the amount of the FWE grant.

2.  In less than one page discuss the project’s outcome answering whichever of the following questions seems appropriate.  Keep in mind that this page is for the narrative account (save the financial information for the following question.)

  • What was learned?
  • What was particularly successful?
  • What role did FWE financing play in relationship to other grants or fundraising?
  • What is being done to follow up on the project?

3.  Give a financial report answering whichever of the following questions are appropriate.  This can be done in the form of a table.

  • Expenditures:  How were the funds used?
  • List of grants from others and in-kind contributions.
  • Remaining funds.

Note:  The FWE policy on unspent funds is that they are returned within a calendar year of the completion of the project.

4. When possible send photos or other documentation that helps bring the project to life.

5. Did you achieve original goals?

You can find an Adobe pdf version of the proposal format here.

Contact information

Please use the following administrative address for requests of information or submitting proposals and reports: Margo MacLeod, Secretary, Foundation for World Education,