Working with the
Foundation for World Education

Currently the Foundation for World Education (FWE) has a board of nine voting members. All grants are made at one of the board’s annual meetings based on review of applicants’ grant proposals.

  • With Auroville, the board takes up requests that have been presented by the Auroville Project Coordination Group.
  • All grants must be made to a registered 501c3 in the U.S. or an equivalent nonprofit status for an overseas organization. Your organization must file these papers with our office before a grant can be extended.
  • Grant guidelines can be obtained at anytime through the administrative office via email or regular post. Write to Bhuvana Nandakumar, President, FWE,
  • The guidelines are also available here. Proposals generally need to be received by January 7th¬†of any year in order to be considered for that year. The scheduled meeting dates for the year 2018 are March 3, July 26, and October 13.